The long term impact of the economic challenges we are living through continue to affect all ages, all sectors and all geographies of the UK.

We are living through a concentrated period of economic shock.

It is therefore vital to be actively planning for a forward thinking and effective strategy to ensure that our local economy; people and the places we live in are able to grow and thrive with as much confidence as we can offer.

More than ever it is critical to be engaged in the local, regional and national arenas, where future economic prosperity is decided through the interplay of strategic partnerships and HM Govt. consultation structures.

We are fully engaged with our regional partners at South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership to shape and form the SEMLEP Economic Recovery Strategy.

The Oxford Cambridge Arc offers a timely opportunity to grasp a vision to drive internationally visible innovation, through inspiring local communities and local leaders. We are committed to working with the OCA to bring forward ambitious plans that will enhance the SEMLEP region.

The SEMLEP area is poised to recover quickly and efficiently from the pandemic, although it will still suffer from a wide range of impacts differing according to the distribution of  local economic strengths and weaknesses.

The SEMLEP Recovery Plan will build on our strengths, and seek to manage and address weaknesses so that the region’s prosperity and future growth is assured.

Read about the current progress and access up-to-date Covid-19 impact data.

Growth Hub Strategy

We are proud to support the Oxford Cambridge Arc economic prospectus which sets out the vision for the Oxford Cambridge Arc as a vital part of the UK’s productivity. Northamptonshire is already the pivotal link between Oxford and Cambridge as it sits astride the M1/A1/A14 road network and is interconnected by the Midland, East and West Mainline railways.

All this strategy work will be pulled together in an economic strategy and action plan for the new North Northamptonshire Council