New Podcast – Phillip @ AMP Wines

Many of the businesses we’ve met through the course of our podcast series had been making the start to their journeys when the pandemic took hold – for some though; it was the latest challenge in a long life time. 

Phillip and his team at Amp Wines have been serving their local community – and indeed the rest of the country for over a century – a track record that came to be particularly useful during the course of the last 12 months.

Today on the show Phillip shares with us the story of how the business has coped through the last 12 months as well as explaining how measures and steps the business took years ago, ended up being unexpectedly helped to ease the transition to a new way of working.

You can find out more about Phillips story in the latest instalment of the Recovery Through Enterprise podcast – which is available now wherever you get your podcasts including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Play. In the meantime you can also listen using the audio player embedded here:

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