New Podcast – Dawn @ Pegasus Lift Truck Training

If there is one thing that the last 12 months has taught lots of our local businesses – it’s that sometimes help can come from the most unexpected of places… 

In the latest episode of the Recovery Through Enterprise podcast series, we talk to Dawn Girardi from Pegasus Lift Truck Training in Wellingborough who shared her own experiences of making some unlikely alliances last year. With one eye on the unfolding situation, Dawn and partner / Director Pepe were already making preparations to begin offering their training services online where they possibly could. 

As it turned out – this proved to be vital for their clients who – being mainly based in the Logistics industry – were still hard at work and in need of Pegasus’ services. In Spring 2020 however – when Dawn and Pepe received word that Pepe would have to go into shielding, it put the business in a tight spot as they fought to continue delivering work and keep the business growing. Help however was at hand – in some unlikely places…

Find out more in our latest podcast episode – available now wherever you get your podcasts including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Play and you can even use the embedded audio player below 

You can find out more about Pegasus and their work by visiting their website

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