Discretionary Recovery and Innovation Grant

Details of the North Northamptonshire Council Discretionary Recovery and Innovation Grant are available.

The discretionary recovery and innovation grant is a one-off grant aimed to:

  • Support local independent businesses impacted by COVID-19
  • Support plans which enable businesses to build back stronger
  • Give a boost to measures which support the move to ‘Net Zero’
  • Facilitate diversification and innovation to improve resilience
  • Protect and create local jobs

Grants will be awarded based on the information received by the applicant and the financial envelope available to North Northamptonshire Council. Priority will be given
to businesses which present a robust business proposal for the use of the grant requested which demonstrates a beneficial and measureable impact and meet the aims of the fund.

Businesses can only qualify for one Recovery and Innovation Grant. If successful, the applicant must use the grant for the purposes set out in their offer letter. Grants can support both revenue and capital costs.

For further information, you can download further information here


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