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The Economic Recovery Plan for North Northamptonshire

Making A Difference
The ambition and vision to energise, resource and support the local economy in a time of dramatic change
Business Support
  1. Business support to help local business think quickly, plan intelligently and respond to the changes we are living through.
Employment Support
  1. Employment support to connect local people with the best mix of advice and opportunity.
Strategic Planning
  1. Strategic planning to be ready to respond to new challenges while being rooted in the best values of our local area.
Available Now:
  • Enhanced levels of support for startups, small business and SMEs
  • Dedicated pathways to key partners who can help business owners reshape and grow their businesses
  • Strong connections and networks to help you make sense of the challenges, changes and transformation we are living through

Realise and maximise the personal, ethical and ecological influence your business has: “‘Local businesses make a daily difference in the lives of our residents – know your part and tell your story”.

Our Commitment:

Recovery Through Enterprise provides a critical lens through which to view the different aspects of the local economy during a period of significant economic turmoil. It provides a mechanism though which to consider the impact of the pandemic on business (of all sizes and across all sectors), employment patterns, investment and the places in which we live.

Recovery Through Enterprise will play a pivotal role in convening and shaping local and strategic responses through targeted and agile support programmes, investment and collaborative working, in particular that Recovery Through Enterprise will focus on:

  • Providing flexible business support to meet the emerging needs of existing and new business
  • Ensuring the skills of local people are developed and matched to meet the needs of business
  • Targeting investment into critical infrastructure to support business growth and investment
  • Driving sector based plans to meet the changing need of business and unlock the full potential of the local economy
  • Investing in our towns and rural settlements to reinforce their position as community hubs for local people to access a full range of services and amenities

The North Northants Economic Recovery Framework will spell out the next steps to realise our shared ambitions for economic recovery and prosperity.

Access Business Support through the University of Northampton Gateway service: